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Blogger Melinda Parson said...

You need to team up with a children's book author that has a Maurice Sendack-style and illustrate the book.

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Blogger Bryann mcgrew said...

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Blogger Rylin Mariel said...

Wow, this one really creeped me out!

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Blogger Elliot Iles said...

Another inspirational picture...

Mister Peek-a-boo found the diminutive creature repulsive with its rosy-pink complexion and strange fur like tufts on its head and wanted to flee the room in terror, but his duty to the Scarlet King kept him rooted to the spot. It could be worse at least the child-thing remained in the wooden structure in the middle of the room silently watching him. With trembling fingers Mister Peek-a-boo he slowly drew the curtain like folds of his black robe and pulled it open so the portal priest could peek out of the vortex and began to chant the words of the aeons old ceremony. Mister Peek-a-boo closed his eyes and let the sound of the words wash over him. So many child-things in this world and so little time, he wished for a more relaxing job one which whole dimensions didn't depend.

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Blogger Rusty Shakleford said...

(Cloaked dude) "And then I said..." (opens cloak)
(Guy leaning out of cloak) "Marry her, I hardly even KNOW her! hahaha"
(Obviously unimpressed girl) "I've heard that one before..."

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Blogger Josh Anderson said...

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Blogger Josh Anderson said...

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Blogger Josh Anderson said...

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Blogger Haleema Zaheer said...

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Blogger Haleema Zaheer said...

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Blogger Haleema Zaheer said...

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Blogger Haleema Zaheer said...

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Blogger Josh Anderson said...

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Blogger Jake Watson said...

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Blogger Muhammad Azhar Abbas said...

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Blogger Muhammad Azhar Abbas said...

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Blogger Jony walker said...

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Blogger Josh Anderson said...

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